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Managing Complexity in a Modern Firm
Firm leaders are navigating increasingly complex tax legislation and accounting standards, managing a blended workforce, juggling complicated internal projects, and client needs.
As internal and external complexity has grown, so has an interest in automation and outsourcing. While both strategies have value, they’re not a magic bullet that will solve the challenges firms face today.

When faced with the task of improving and optimizing talent, processes, and technology, many firm leaders prefer to select one or two to focus on and worry about the rest at a later date.

Rising to the challenge in fact requires a focus on three areas: people, process, and technology.

In this white paper, we’ll share:
  • Vetted strategies for improving talent, process and technology
  • Why things go wrong when you fail to focus on all three
  • The trends and strategies you can start putting into place in each of these areas
  • Tools to help you in all three areas
Managing Complexity in a Modern Firm

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